1950 as Voter Helpline across all Districts of India

1950 as a universal number across India

  1. Each District will have Voter Helpline number 1950 and the only universal number of Elections Commission of India will be 1950
  2. When a citizen calls 1950 his call will land up in the district from where is he calling
  3. He will be greeted in the language of the District. (If he so desires he can call up any District across India by prefixing 1950 with the STD code)

Standard Operating Procedure for all Districts

  1. All-District Contact centre has uniform Standard Operating Procedure, have a similar FAQ, access to NVSP and ERONET. Thus every citizen will get the same answer from wherever he is calling from.
  2. Any Districts upon receiving call will punch every call details on the National Grievance Service Portal. Thus every caller details, nature of calls and resolution status is viewable to every official in the ECI from DEO, CEO and ECI in a single unified interface.

Toll-Free in every State / UT

  1. CEO Office will have State Contact Centre with a toll-free number whose primary job is to monitor 1950, take escalated calls, calls pertaining to CEO office and work as a control room during election times.  If required, the State HQ 1950 IVRS be configured for providing the citizen with a choice for District Contact Centre of HQ or the State Contact Centre.

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