7 Ways to Increase Website Traffic

Lack of massive budget, no battalion of marketers but still want to carve a niche? Seems like next to impossible, right? May be it isn’t so. The trick lies in consistent effort and a little investment i.e. your time. Here are a few ways to boost traffic:

  1. Make Your Website User Friendly – Your website is where the journey begins. The way it looks and the content can have a huge impact on the search engine results. One has to keep certain things in mind to increase the site’s visibility. Try and use more of relevant keywords. Figure out a main keyword for each page and use it as many times as possible but don’t go overboard. The keyword can be small or maybe two-three worded phrase. One can include the name of a particular area or place in the keyword to bring in more local traffic. Though using a video, images etc can be appealing but at times it can be ignored by search engines, so make sure to give a description along with it. A URL that is short and relevant makes it easier for humans as well as search engines to easily understand what the page is about.
  2. Importance of Going Through a Keyword Research – We all at times might have faced this situation where while typing a certain question, Google automatically comes up with relevant or similar answers. It is no magic or some super power but the reason lies in the fact that a lot of other people too might have searched on the same topic. With these frequently searched terms, one can get new ideas for posts that can be of great help to your audience. The keyword planner tool by Google is of great help to paid advertisers to plan their campaigns.
  3. Plan Your Content Strategy – It is not only about making your site appealing to the search engines, but also towards making it a place where people would want to visit again and again. One should keep updating the site with content that is informs, entertains and educates the readers. To keep up to the needs of consistently adding up a new content, have a section for the blog. If you’re writing skills are not something to boast about or writing isn’t your cup of tea, no need to worry. You can still start. Just plan it out properly and keep the taste of your audience in your mind while writing.
  4. Using Buzzsumo and Other Tools – The success mantra these days is all about keeping a tab on the competitors, their strategies, content that is viral and new ideas. Some of the popularly used content research tools are Buzzsumo, Buffer.com and Traackr.com etc. These tools help one find the trending topics, popular posts and content easily. It is a way to peep into the minds of the readers and what they really want to read.
  5. Submissions by Experts on your Post – One of the best way to give your content an edge is by including advice and opinions by experts in that particular field. The authenticity of the content reaches an all time high because of the submissions by experts. Not only inform them that you will be using their submission but even ask them to share it with their followers.
  6. Focus on Niche Related Platforms – A good content definitely has a stand of its own but one should also remember that taking it to the right place is as important. In other words, go through a proper research and share your content in platforms that are related to your industry or field. Posting a fashion related content on a platform where software is discussed makes no sense.
  7. Be in touch With Your Visitors – To ensure that visitors keep coming back to your site, encourage more and more people to join your mailing list. The more the subscriptions, the better for your business. Offering gifts like ebook and other freebies can also help. After having a proper mailing list, regularly send newsletters to the potential customers. Just make sure that the content is relevant to your business. Make the content interesting as well as useful.

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