A constructor’s name is same as

A. class name B. object C. new
D. brackets E. comment F. zero
G. iostream H. inheritance I. multilevel
J. static K. public L. virtual
M. protected N. istream O. catch

4.1 ___________ is used to document a program.
4.2 A constructor’s name is same as _______________.
4.3 A(n) ________ function causes its class to be abstract.
4.4 A pointer to _________ can hold pointers to any data type.
4.5 _________ are used to change the order of precedence in evaluation of expression.
4.6 The process by which objects of one class acquire the attributes of objects of another
class is known as __________.
4.7 The class _____________ declares input function such as get( ) and read( ).
4.8 The___________ operator dynamically allocates memory for the object of a specific
4.9 A virtual function can be made pure virtual function by placing__________ at the end of
its prototype in the class definition.
4.10 Exceptions are thrown from a try statement to a(n) __________ block.

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