An example of volatile memory is ________.

A. OR B. 0 (Logn) C. 32 KB
D. open source software E. RAM F. And
G. stdio.h H. single I. insertions sort
J. 0 (nlogn) K. 64 KB L. Dijkstra’s algorithm
M. goto

4.1 An example of volatile memory is ________.
4.2 The ________ operator is true only when both the operands are true.
4.3 LINUX is an example of ________.
4.4 By default a real number is treated as ________.
4.5 Header file in which NULL macro is defined is ________.
4.6 Memory that can be allocated in a single call to macro is ________.
4.7 Total number of comparison in bubble sort is ________.
4.8 Arranging pack of cards by picking one by one is an example of ________.
4.9 All pair shortest path problem can be solved by ________.
4.10 Avoid the use of ________ statement in the program.

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