An object can be initialized on creation using

A. Inheritance B. Private C. After
D. Ostream E. Contents F. Derived Class
G. Base Class H. Before I. istream
J. While K. Process.h L. Math.h
M. Public N. Constructor O. Class

4.1 ________ allows to derive new classes from already existing classes.
4.2 ________ is a control statement that can be used when uncertain numbers of loopings are
4.3 ________ header file should be included to use the function exit ( ).
4.4 Inline function should be defined ________ the main ( ) program.
4.5 An object can be initialized on creation using ________.
4.6 A constructor’s name is same as _________ name.
4.7 ________ type of declaration of a base class enables an object of a derived class to access member functions.
4.8 A variable returns ________, if it is simply referenced by its name.
4.9 put ( ) and write ( ) are member functions of ________.
4.10 A virtual function should be defined and declared in ________.

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