Android SDK Integration – Razorpay Standard Checkout

Razorpay Android Standard SDK lets you easily integrate the Razorpay Payment Gateway with your Android application.

Important Notes:

  • Due to the changes in the Google Play Developer policy, we have removed auto-read SMS feature from Razorpay Android Standard SDK versions 1.5.1 and higher. However, if your Android app already has permission to read SMS, then Razorpay will auto-read it.
    If you are using older versions of Razorpay Android Standard SDK, you must upgrade to the latest version available on the Maven Repository.
  • According to PCI regulations, payment processing is not allowed on TLS v1. Hence, if the device does not have TLS v1.1 or TLS v1.2, the SDK will throw an error in the onPaymentError method. You can learn more about TLS versions here.
  • If using Android 12, you need to make this change to your Android Manifest.xml file.

List of Razorpay Android Standard SDK Versions (Last 5 versions)🔗

Version No.Release DateChanges
1.6.1305 Oct 2021Feature: Added NULL check at handleActivityResult to avoid NPE
Bug Fix: External wallet
Bug Fix: Removed error lag due to intent receiver
Bug Fix: Handled error response if response value is NULL
1.6.1212 Aug 2021Feature: Supports Google Pay Cards payments
1.6.1106 Aug 2021Bug Fix: Auto-read OTP for saved cards and ACS pages
Bug Fix: Error() response format
Bug Fix: CRED Intent response
1.6.1011 June 2021Bug Fix: App crashes when checkout screen is opened
1.6.911 June 2021Bug FixhandleActivityResult() giving a wrong error message in React Native when the wrong CVV is entered

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