Bundle Products ‑ EA

by EnormApps

Bundle products to upsell products – Create Bundles & Discount

Up sell products using bundles

Upsell products to increase conversion in a smart way. Bundle less popular products with popular products to increase monthly sales

Frequently brought together

Make bundles from items that are frequently brought together. Let customers add products in 1 click improving shopping experience

Bundle discount + customize

Use fixed price discount or percentage discount for each product bundle. Complete customization of bundle to match your store theme

About Bundle Products ‑ EA

Product Bundles will help upsell products and increase your average sales value by combining similar or frequently brother together products in a smart way. Offer discounts based on fixed dollar amount or percent value for individual product bundles.

Key Features

Percentage discount on product bundles

You can set a percentage discount for bundles.

Fixed discount on bundles

You can set a fixed discount for bundles. So the fixed amount discount will be applied if the whole bundle is purchased.

Variant based bundles

You can create customized bundles based on product variants

Match the layout and color scheme with theme

Customize bundle to match your store theme for better integrated experience for your customers.

Direct installation for product pages

Display bundle on product page or any page of choice

No coding is needed to create and install bundles

Our app adds bundle directly to checkout. We do not have cart feature as of now.

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