Can I make 6 million a year selling on Amazon?

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Can I make 6 million a year selling on Amazon?

Yes you can. There is actually an incredible success story of a 21-year old college kid who setup his Amazon business. Grew his sales from 0 to 93 million. Then sold his entire business for an Amazing $75 million!

So yeah you can get very, VERY rich with selling on Amazon. Personally I am not quite there yet, as I am “only” making $19k a month.

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I started selling on Amazon about 3 years ago, and although it is hard work, it definitely paid off ! Over these 3 years I have learned some valuable lessons and setup my own checklist of what to look for when picking a product to sell on Amazon:

  1. Product must be simple to manufacture!
    We want to keep it as simple as possible and don’t take any risks with hard to manufacture products.
  2. Low competition
    The competition should have around 50 reviews or less.
  3. High demand
    At least $3000 revenue per month for competitors in my niche.
  4. Sales Price: $15 +
  5. Healthy profit margin
    Profit margin should be at least 33% of the sales price. So I want to make at least $1k per month on this product

This is just the basics. However, if you are really serious about starting a FBA business as well you can check out this post about

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