Share Your Bucket List

If you want to know somebody, you have to first know what they want. That’s the premise behind this remote team building activity. Participants share their bucket lists, telling each other what matters to them and why. This gives team members a much better understanding of each other’s beliefs and motivations than simple personal trivia. […]

True Lies (Remote Edition)

It may take its name from Schwarzneggar’s 1994 action-comedy, but this simple game is no laughing matter. It’s particularly effective for breaking the ice in new teams. The game is easy enough – people gather around and tell three truths and one lie about each other. Others have to guess which of these are truths, […]

Online Gaming Sessions

This is probably the most accessible remote team building activity there is – a gaming session! From better communication to team bonding, playing your favorite game with your remote coworkers is the perfect way to build up camaraderie. Number of participants: 2+ Duration: Any Objective: Improve team communication and organization How to play: 1. Poll team members on […]

Standups Over Coffee

Countless workers across the world start their day with a cup of coffee. Countless workers across the world also start their day with daily standup meetings. Combine the two and you have this activity – standups over coffee. The purpose of this team building activity is to replace the daily standup for remote teams. In a […]


Your plane has just crashed on a deserted island in the middle of the Pacific. You have just a few minutes to salvage some items from the wreckage before the whole plane burns down. What items will your team choose? A great activity inspired by classic shipwrecked stories. This one will inspire collaboration and creative […]

Scavenger Hunt

A timeless classic that works in any situation, location or team size. You can run the scavenger hunt indoors or outdoors, keep it short or even a day-long, run it with just a few people or involve an entire department – it’s all up to you. Along the way, your team will learn to appreciate […]

Guess the Object

A quick take on dumb charades. One person from the group has to demonstrate an object. The others have to guess what it is. Great for inspiring creativity and getting people to loosen up at the start of an event. Also works great as an interlude between longer activities. Number of participants: Any Duration: 10-20 minutes Objective: Inspire […]

Perfect Square

Another blindfold game where team members have to work together to create a perfect square with a rope while completely blindfolded. Communication skills, collaboration and hilariously out of shape squares ensue. Number of participants: 4-16 participants Duration: 30 minutes Objective: Build communication, leadership and collaboration skills How to play 1. Divide the participants into small teams of 4-6 […]


This simple but challenging activity pits two teams against each other. One person on each team is blindfolded. The others in the team then give instructions to the blindfolded person to retrieve objects from the playing area. Communication skills and trust are vital to succeed at this game. Number of participants: 6-24 Duration: 45 minutes Objective: Build communication […]

Team Emblem

This creative team building exercise is great for smaller teams. Players are divided into small teams where they must work together to create an emblem, flag or shield for their teams. Besides collaboration and creative thinking, this activity is also great for building a stronger sense of team identity and cohesiveness. Plus, it’s flexible enough […]