Online Tuition Class For Mathematics

We provide online tuition class for cbse mathematics for class 5 to 10th. Teacher Name : Mamta KumariHighest Qualification : B.COM from DUTuition Duration : 2 HrsPricing : 500 Per Class Note : No trial class available, Fee paid in advance for minimum 5 classes

DNSSEC – What Is It and Why Is It Important?

A brief description of how DNS works To understand Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC), it helps to have a basic understanding of the Domain Name System (DNS). The proper functioning of the Internet is critically dependent on the DNS . Every web page visited, every email sent, every picture retrieved from a social media: all those interactions use the DNS to translate human-friendly domain names (such […]

ITR form and Description

ITR 1 For Individuals being a Resident (other than Not Ordinarily Resident) having Total Income upto Rs.50 lakhs, having Income from Salaries, One House Property, Other Sources (Interest etc.), and Agricultural Income upto Rs.5 thousand(Not for an Individual who is either Director in a company or has invested in Unlisted Equity Shares) ITR 2 For […]

how to create react native app in windows

set up your development environment on Windows using React Native framework and Android Studio to build Android Apps the following tools to set up my development environment: Windows Visual Studio Code Android Studio Built-in emulator in Android Studio Node Package Manager (NPM) Node.js (Version 8 or newer) React Native command line interface (React Native CLI) […]

Multiple File Upload Example In PHP

1. Create file first.php 2. Create file second.php Below code show example for check file size, file extension, file type for uploading valid file