CES 2022: PlayStation VR2 Will Come With Advanced Eye-tracking And Headset Feedback

Sony launched the first PlayStation VR headset back in 2016. The virtual reality headset was specifically designed for enjoying games on the popular PlayStation console.

Six years later, Sony is finally starting to drop some information about the second generation of the Sony PlayStation VR headset. At the CES 2022, the company revealed the PS VR 2 specifications. However, the PlayStation VR2 release date is still a mystery.

As mentioned on the official PlayStation blog, “PlayStation VR2 takes VR gaming to a whole new level, enabling a greater sense of presence and allowing players to escape into game worlds like never before.” Adding to it, Hideaki Nishino, the Senior Vice President of Platform Experience at PlayStation says “with the headset on and controllers in hand, players will feel a heightened range of sensations unlike any other – thanks to the creativity of the game worlds being built by our world-class developers, and the latest technology incorporated into the hardware.”

PlayStation VR2 specifications

The Sony PSVR2 offers a 4K HDR visual experience, a 110-degree view and higher frame rates up to 120Hz on an OLED display. The PSVR2 headset will come with inside-out tracking, wherein the headset will track the user and controller with integrated cameras that are built into the headset. Unlike other headsets where users need an external camera to track their movements, the PSVR 2 will do it with the cameras inbuilt.

From what it looks like, the PlayStation VR2 will offer a more immersive experience than the last generation VR headset. The technology used in the upcoming headset combines headset feedback, eye tracking, 3D audio, a new PSVR2 Sense controller. As mentioned by PlayStation, headset feedback is a new technology that provides amplified sensations on in-game actions through vibrations produced by a motor. Along with that, the PSVR 2 will feature 3D AudioTech sound which will make the experience life-like.

Eye-tracking on the next generation PSVR 2 will detect the motion of players’ eyes. “All of these advancements in PlayStation VR2, combined with the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers from the PSVR2 Sense controllers, enable players to feel and interact with games in a much more visceral way.” As the previous generation of PSVR is currently being sold at $200, the next generation is likely to be priced more than that.

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