Customer Loyalty Revolution: How Dove, Kraft, and Heinz Are Doing It

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How=C2=A0Dove, Kraft, and Heinz Are=C2=A0Driving Cust=
omer Loyalty

nload The Ebook

Consumers =
have more options than ever before when shopping for CPG products. Loyalty =
programs can still be a powerful driver to attract and retain customers, bu=
t only if they are created with the modern shopper in mind.
Download our latest ebook to uncover:

” width=3D”39″ height=
=3D”36″ />

How CPG sh=
opping behavior has changed, and what it means for legacy consumer loyalty =



5 foundati=
ons for engaging this new consumer, from understanding how to create a stro=
ng emotional connection to focusing on quality and trust



How brands=
like Dove, Kraft Heinz, Nutiva, LOLA and PillPack are using new loyalty dr=
ivers to inspire modern consumer loyalty

oad the eBook

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