Discover USC’s online master’s in integrated design, business and technology.

Discover USC’s =
online master’s in integrated design, business and technology.
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This is a DesignNews Update


Earn Your MS i=
n Integrated Design, Business and Technology =E2=80=94 Online From USC

The USC Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young Academy for Arts, Te=
chnology and the Business of Innovation is offering an entirely new kind of=
master=E2=80=99s degree with the online Master of =
Science in Integrated Design, Business and Technology.

As a student of the program, you will choose courses base=
d on topics in which you would like to gain new or added experience, includ=
ing design and technology. Design coursework explores established principle=
s of visual communication and design-based problem-solving techniques, whil=
e technology coursework will offer an overview of the language, concepts an=
d tools used by startups and big companies worldwide.

Complete in 18 Months
Fee Waivers Available

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