Email marketing

A low cost marketing medium is really effective and widely used. It encourages direct action

  • Do not go for an email list. They mostly feature incorrect and irrelevant addresses and are just sheer waste of time.
  • One should always seek permission to send emails, either by choosing  the opt-in process or maybe  a double opt-in.
  • Always include an unambiguous and prominent, one-click unsubscribe link in all your emails.
  • The initial mailing list will originate from your teaser website, and this can be supplemented by asking people to register through the various social media platforms.
  • One can never be sure about the conversion rate, it can vary every time. So t every step, keep maximizing the percentage.

The easiest way to ensure a high delivery rate is to use an established mailing app to send

Try and avoid using trigger words which can trigger your email to spam. By checking your own spam filter will give you an idea for other words to avoid. It is really important to have a perfect subject line. Half the battle is won when you have a perfect subject line, increasing the chances of the customer eventually opening it. Do keep the body of the email crisp and short. Elaborate on the subject with benefits and value to the recipient, followed by an unambiguous call to action which is linked to a relevant landing page on your website. Make sure to send the mail to yourself first before sending it to anyone else. This way, you can check for the display and if it passes the spam filter or not.

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