Facebook Ads

While planning the advert copy, keep in mind the relaxed environment of Facebook. Avoid formal style and include more of social phrasing. With other marketing messages, focus on benefits and not features. Choose an image that is relevant to the topic and which is uncomplicated.

If your target is Facebook Ads, enter up to twenty-five countries mentioned in the location field. For apps that are available in English, one can still target countries where English isn’t the primary language: You just have to specify that you only want to show the ad only to English speakers in the Languages field.

Your app market will decide the targets like age, sex, relationship and education. Usually the broadest default option is adequate for most of the apps. See, we can keep assuming about these criteria’s but beware not to experiment too much unless you have data or research to back it.

When people mention their interests, activities, hobbies etc on their profiles, it becomes easier to classify your target audience. For e.g. Facebook has pages of various famous apps or websites and even groups which can help you in targeting people who might be interested in your product or service.

Try and include smaller interests too, as these can actually target the most relevant users. Whereas, generic interests such as music or reading cannot be termed as great targets. This might include lots of users who might be completely irrelevant and eventually lead to rise in bid price.

A better idea would be to sub divide the demographics instead of generalizing it. For e.g. rather than going for reading as a general interest focus on personalized adverts. You can create different adverts for different authors.  This way the adverts will perform better.

Writing convincing adverts is difficult. The easiest way to improve your chance of success is to use the ‘Create a Similar Ad’ feature which will bring in variations to your initial advert, each with a different image, title or tweak to the main copy. With time, you will have a better idea as to what of your audience does and doesn’t respond to.

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