Google ads

Just like the SEO keywords, opt for similar keywords for Google ads. Use the ones which are less competitive because these offer the lowest cost per click.  With dozens of customers who have come and gone, it leaves you in a better state to calculate conversion rate and return on investment accurately.

Make sure your Google ads are as focused as the Facebook Ads. Higher click through creates more prominence and lowers the costs for the adverts. You can make a list of negative keywords at the campaign level and for each advert group redefine them separately. The more the negative keywords, more the chances of it preventing your ad from being displayed. The following tips can be used to make the adverts more effective:

  • In order to make your ad more prominent, you can include the target keywords in the advert title. This way, any word that matches words in the search query will be displayed in bold by Google.
  • You can always highlight the USP or some unique feature that breaks the clutter and gives you a distinct identity from your competition.
  • You can include relevant numbers or statistics, prices and discounts. Focus more on the use of numerals.
  • Use more of words or phrases that are call-to-action or active. For e.g. buy, call etc.
  • Since the advert space has certain limits, use grammar creatively. Do check for spell errors and typos.
  • By using this to create a display URL that features the target keywords or benefits, reassures the reader that the advert links to a relevant page.

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