how to copy data from godaddy to aws instance

How to migrate Files from Godaddy to AWS

Pretend Domain is on Godaddy.

  • Login to your GoDaddy account and access cpanel, go to File Manager.
  • Compress your website files (all your files in public_html folder). Now, your filename is
  • Connect to your AWS SSH via Putty or any command terminal. Go to the folder of your website using the following command cd /var/www/
  • wget command is to get that zip file to your AWS /var/www/ folder.
  • unzip to unzip all your website files into /var/www/ folder.

To transfer your hosting, you have to do it manually:
1) Set up the EC2 instance with the same environment that is on GoDaddy
2) If you have databases in Godaddy, you need to install the same database type on an RDS instance
and make sure that your VPC is properly setup to allow the EC2 instance to securely talk to the RDS instance.
3) Make sure that you have an elastic IP mapped to your EC2 so that you can access your webpage from internet
3) Export your website files and databases (if any)
4) Import the website files to EC2 using an FTP client
5) Import your database tables using a client like MySQL workbench
6) Test your website from a browser (using the elastic IP)
7) Use Route 53 to transfer your domain and map it to the elastic IP in the DNS settings
8) Test your website from a browser (using your domain)

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