In the Java programming language char values represent

A. Button B. Abstract C. Inner
D. Nested E. Label F. Stream
G. Sequence H. Multithreading I. Collaboration
J. State K. PreparedStatement L. Activity
M. Unicode
4.1 In the Java programming language char values represent ________ characters.
4.2 ________ is a number of lightweight processes that are run in a single process/task or
program by a single processor.
4.3 ________ classes cannot be instantiated, but they can be subclassed.
4.4 As with instance methods and variables, a ________ class is associated with an instance of its enclosing class and has direct access to that object's methods and fields.
4.5 The ________ component is generally used to show the text or string in your application that never performs any type of action.
4.6 The Java IO classes, which mostly consists of ________ and readers / writers, are addressing various purposes.
4.7 ________ is used to execute precompiled sql queries with or without parameters.
4.8 In UML the ________ Diagrams emphasize the order in which things happen.
4.9 Based upon the events that occur, the ________ diagram shows how the object changes from start to finish.
4.10 ________ diagrams are used to show workflow in parallel and conditionally. They are useful when working out the order and concurrency of a sequential algorithm.

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