Invalid or missing Livepatch token

  1. Disable Livepatch either through the GUI or by running canonical-livepatch disable as root
  2. Uninstall Livepatch with snap remove canonical-livepatch as root (optional. Try it first without doing this)
  3. Run the command rm /etc/machine-id as root to remove your current machine ID (if it says the file or directory doesn’t exist, you can safely ignore it)
  4. Run the command systemd-machine-id-setup as root to regenerate the ID
  5. Reinstall Livepatch with snap install canonical-livepatch as root (if you removed it earlier)
  6. Either grab your key from and follow the instructions there to re-enable or use the Livepatch GUI

check ubuntu version

lsb_release -a

Upgrade Ubuntu

sudo apt upgrade

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