Is QNET a scam?

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It is easy to question the legitimacy of any company. Just listen to a few people, and you can believe that the company is a scam. But what makes a company legit? And what makes it a scam? These are some questions we need to ask ourselves before questioning the legitimacy of any company. The factors that determine if the company is genuine are the products it deals in, its compensation plan, its refund policy, training programmes it provides to the distributors, and many more.

1. Proper policies and procedures, as well as ethical marketing code

Genuine direct selling companies have proper policies and procedures. QNET has simplified policies and procedures. It is clear about the procedures and requirements for becoming an IR. It clearly explains the business plan in its Code of Ethics. It is mentioned there that an Independent Representative (IR) should not promise a prospect that they will earn as much as the IR is currently earning. The company publishes detailed data about its products, which are verifiable, accurate, and complete.

2. They market quality products or services

Authentic direct selling companies only market quality products; those are of actual use to people. They don’t compromise with the standard of their products. QNET markets quality products; its product range includes KENT Smart Alkaline Mineral RO water purifier, SHARP ZENsational air purifier, Nutriplus health products, BeYouTe Argan Care, CHAIROS luxury watches, and many other classy products.

3. Compensation Plan

These companies have a good compensation plan; they limit the number of people who can earn a commission through sales. So, the downline can’t lag in direct selling. QNET introduced an enhanced compensation plan based on 4 R’s — Refer, Repeat, Rise, and Retain.

4. Solid Training System

Reputed direct selling companies give training to their IRs, which help them in boosting their business skills. They have experienced experts to train the new IRs. QNET provides training programmes to the IRs, which helps them develop their personality, enhance their business skills, and improves their communication skills.

5. Refund Guarantee

These direct selling companies have good return policies. QNET also has a policy of returning products within 30 days of purchase. Any customer who is unsatisfied with his product purchase, with justified reasons, should contact the company within a 30 day buyback period, and the company will accept the refund request.

6. Recruiting others is not a necessity

A person doesn’t need to recruit someone to gain a commission in a genuine company. Anyone can simply buy the products and become a direct consumer. In QNET, you can purchase products even if you don’t want to recruit others.

7. They do not promise overnight success

No one can get overnight success in network marketing; no authentic company promises anyone to make them rich quickly. Network Marketing requires time and effort. In the QNET’s code of ethics, it mentions that an IR should educate the prospect on the risks involved in the business.

The above points prove that QNET passes all the tests of authenticity. There is no reason to call it a scam. You can trust QNET wholeheartedly and start marketing their quality products without any doubt if you are interested in the direct selling business. Just be sure that you are really into the business and ready to dedicate your time and effort in it.

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