It’s not just the big brands that

Search yourself – To keep track of new content, you can Google search through your url or brand name. This same thing can be followed in Google Images too. Set up a Google Alert to keep track and be updated. In order to avoid clutter in your inbox, go for settings according to which notifications are mailed to you once a day.

Create Your Own Positive Online Presence – To start with, online reputation can be managed by claiming your free business listings on the major online directories and social media networks. No worries of shelling out a huge sum, one can share information that would present your business in a new light. This also ensures that you’re in control of the official voice of your business on different outlets. The best part about these big directories is that they tend to occupy a lot of the search results for your business name, pushing any potential negative reviews off the first page results.

3. Add New Content to Your Social Media Profiles – The work doesn’t just end by starting online social media profiles; one needs to ensure that it is updated with new content regularly. This is your identity and reflection in, thus your reputation. The content should be interesting, relevant a definitely bring out your positive side. You want to ensure they are current and show you in a positive light. Positive reviews on your website is also a great way to generate quality content.

4. Listen to What Others Are Saying about You – One should always be aware of what is being said about your business. You can always set a Google Alert on your business name to keep a tab. There are various other reputation management tools too that can be used.These  tools can not only track mentions of your business but even report on sentiment for your brand online.

5. Be Proactive, Not Reactive When Responding – There’s too much information and advice on exactly when to respond to negative public comments. A never ending debate to respond publicly or not is still on. Though one should avoid responding while one is aggressive, and not to forget never ever accuse a reviewer of being fake. Think about the whole situation; take as much time as you want before responding. One wrong comment can spoil the entire thing. Be very careful while responding.

Promote Yourself

Promoting your business through an excellent SEO strategy on your website, social media, blog and other websites can help you offset any negative comments in two ways. First, the positive and optimized content can show up higher than the negative comments on search engine results pages. Second, most people realize that no business is perfect. If you have a dominant number of positive reviews among a few negatives, your chances of losing a potential customer from the few critical comments is much less than if the negative reviews were the only reviews published.

Today, businesses are more vulnerable to online attacks on their reputation than ever before. Taking proactive actions to optimize positive reviews and manage negative ones will help you minimize this vulnerability.

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