Logical AND operator is denoted by ________.

A. \b B. alloc.h C. 1 byte
D. stdio.h E. CPU Registers F. &&
G. fclose() H. 65 I. An Error
J. Array of characters K. \a L. &
M. ==

4.1 Logical AND operator is denoted by ________.
4.2 Size of char data type is ________.
4.3 The variables of storage class register are stored in ________.
4.4 If you try to multiply or add two pointers, it will result in ________.
4.5 In ‘C’, strings are stored in the form of ________.
4.6 Escape sequence for backspace is ________.
4.7 Function used to close a file is _________.
4.8 The header file which must be included, if you want to use malloc() or calloc() is
4.9 The macro FILE is defined in header file ________.
4.10 The ASCII value, in decimal, of character ‘A’ is ________.

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