Low-Tech Social Network

Map the connections between team members on a whiteboard. Teams create their “avatars”, then draw lines to show how they know other team members. This can work great as an ice-breaker at events where teams don’t know each other well.

Number of participants: 5-50

Duration: 30 minutes

Objective: Introduce participants to each other and establish relationships between them

How to play

1. Give participants markers, index cards, and tape. If possible, use markers of different colors.

2. Ask participants to draw their “avatar” on the index card – their “profile picture” on this social network, so to say. Add their names and positions to each card as well.

3. Stick each avatar card on a large whiteboard. Make sure to leave plenty of room between each card.

4. Ask each participant to draw lines to avatar cards of people they already know in the room. Also, specify how they know them (“worked on a project together“, “lunch buddies”, “went to the same college”).


This “social network” works best when you’re dealing with people who don’t know each other. Establishing the relationships between them will break the ice. It will also help others map connections between participants for the remainder of the event.

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