Make Your Own Movie

What better way to stimulate creativity than to get your team to make their own little movie? This fun activity can be done indoors or outdoors. It requires some equipment – cameras, tripods, and microphones – but your team will love it.

After all, who doesn’t love movies?

Number of participants: Any

Duration: 2-8 hours (change as needed). Alternatively, make it a full day event

Objective: Promote creativity, teamwork, collaboration and help people work with large teams

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How to play

1. Procure the equipment – a good camera (DSLR cameras will do), shotgun microphones, tripods, and a laptop loaded with film editing cameras.

2. Divide participants into large teams (minimum 8 people). Ask each team to divide responsibilities (screenwriter, actors, camera operator, director, etc.).

3. Optional: Introduce a theme. If that seems too constricting, ask teams to pick their own topic/theme.

4. Ask teams to write scripts for their own 5-7 minute movie. As a rule of the thumb, a single script page translates into a minute of film.

5. Teams will create movies based on the script, borrowing equipment as necessary.

6. Screen all finished movies at the end of the exercise, awarding prizes to the top picks.


Making a movie is an exercise in teamwork. You need every part of the “studio” working together seamlessly to pull off a successful movie. Since you’re working in a limited environment, teams will also have to be creative to get the narrative and effects they want. This can promote lateral, unconventional thinking.

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