Many recursive calls may result into stack ________.

A. Multiply B. Register C. Gets()
D. ‘.’ E. ‘&’ F. Reference
G. ‘*’ H. Overflow I. Arbitrary
J. Goto K. value L. extern
M. Return

4.1 Many recursive calls may result into stack ________.
4.2 ________ is used to transfer control from a function back to the calling function.
4.3 The ________ operator is used to get value at address stored in a pointer variable.
4.4 ________ is more appropriate for reading in a multi-word string.
4.5 A Register variable is expected to be placed in machine ________.
4.6 The operator i << 2 is equivalent to ________ i by 4.
4.7 The ________ operator can be used access structure elements using a structure variable.
4.8 The function “lseek” provide a way to read or write a file in ________ order.
4.9 When a variable is passed to a function, by ________, its value remains unchanged in the calling program.
4.10 To share a variable across different files, ________ storage class is used.

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