Memory Wall

A physical activity that establishes and re-lives the team’s shared memories. Teams sketch their shared memories with each other and place them on a wall. The wall remains up throughout the event, working as a focal point of the team’s camaraderie.

Number of participants: 6-50

Duration: 45-90 minutes

Objective: Build camaraderie between team members, foster relationships

How to play

1. Give each participant sheets of paper, markers, and tape.

2. Ask each participant to survey the room. Take 15 minutes to write down positive memories of shared experiences and moments while working together.

3. Once participants have a few memories listed, ask them to draw a few of these memories on fresh sheets of papers. The drawings can be abstract renditions of the “memory scene”. They can involve partners who’ve shared the memory to create this drawing. Give them up to 30 minutes to do this.

4. Once the time is up, ask participants to tape their memory drawings to the wall.

5. Ask for volunteers to approach the wall and expand on the memories they just taped on the wall with the entire group.


A visual “memory wall” creates a welcoming environment and reaffirms the positive relationships between team members. Rendering each memory – individually or in groups – as a drawing adds much-needed levity and camaraderie to the whole exercise.

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