Nielit A Level Syllabus as per 5th Revision(R5.1)

A1-R5.1 Information Technology Tools and Network Basics
A2-R5.1 Web Designing and Publishing
A3-R5.1 Programming and Problem Solving Through Python
A4-R5.1 Internet of Things and Its Applications
A5-R5.1 Data Structure Through Object Oriented Programming Language
A6-R5.1 Computer Organization and Operating System
A7-R5.1 Database Technologies
A8-R5.1 Systems Analysis, Design and Testing
A9.1-R5.1 Big Data Analytics Using Hadoop
A10.1-R5.1 Data Science Using Python
A9.2-R5.1 Web Application Using PHP
A10.2-R5.1 Full Stack Web Development Using MVC Framework
A9.3-R5.1 Network Management
A10.3-R5.1 Information Security Management
A9.4-R5.1 Internet of Things (IoT): A Practical Approach
A10.4-R5.1 Internet of Things (IoT) Using Raspberry Pi
A9.5-R5.1 Artificial Intelligence Concepts and R Programming
A10.5-R5.1 Machine Learning Using Python

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