Office Trivia

Sometimes, you need a quick activity to break the ice and get people involved in an event. Asking relevant “trivia” questions about your workplace works well in such situations. This game doesn’t require any equipment or significant preparation. It can also be held indoors or outdoors, with small teams or large teams, making it a flexible option for team building.

Number of participants: Any

Duration: 30-60 minutes

Objective: Get people engaged and improve team bonding

How to play

1. Come up with a list of trivia questions related to your place of work. Questions like “What does the poster in the cafeteria say?”, “How many people named ‘John’ work in the IT department?”, “How many people work in the accounting department?”, etc.

2. Write all questions and their answers on index cards.

3. Ask questions to the whole group and solicit answers out loud.

4. The participant who gets the most answers right wins at the end.

Optional: To make it more competitive, consider dividing participants into teams and adding ‘buzzers’ for each question.


Your workplace is the one thing common to all members of the team. The objects and people in your office tie your team together. A game like this is not only fun and easy to run, but also highlights the things common to everyone in the room, improving team bonding.

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