Office Trivia: Remote Team Edition

A take on the office trivia game but for remote teams. Team members have to match the office with its owner from a set of pictures. A nice way to break the ice when running remote events.

Number of participants: 4-24

Duration: 20 minutes

Objective: Break the ice and get people to know each other better, improve team cohesiveness.

How to play

1. Ask all participants to send pictures of their home offices in advance.

2. Get everyone together on group chat.

3. Show a picture of one of the offices chosen at random.

4. The group has to guess which team member the office belongs to.

5. Repeat the process until you’ve covered all team members.

Optional: For future events, ask office trivia questions related to each team member’s office (like “Whose home office has a giant poster of Elvis Presley?”, “Whose office has white tiles?”, etc.).


Team building becomes much harder when you’re running a remote team. Sharing something ‘intimate’, such as a private office, can help remote team members to open up. This simple activity is great for a weekend group chat and can build better team cohesion.

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