Photo Finish

A quick and easy game that can be played with small teams with zero equipment. Participants have to walk across a finish line at exactly the same time in a “photo finish”. Great for testing coordination. And for getting a frame-worthy picture for your office.

Number of participants: 4-20 people

Duration: 20 minutes

Objective: Focus on communication and coordination

Disabling “Use Socket For PHP-FPM” did the trick.

How to play

1. Create a straight ‘finish line’ using chalk, masking tape or rope.

2. Ask all participants to cross the finish line at exactly the same time, i.e. a “photo finish”. Participants will have to coordinate with each other to pull this off.

3. Take a photograph every time they cross the finish line to see if it qualifies as a photo finish.

4. For added difficulty, ask the participants to walk or run across the finish line in a photo finish.


This game sounds deceptively easy, but it actually requires a lot of coordination. For a true photo finish, players will have to work very closely together. They will also need to informally elect a ‘leader’ who can lead the coordination efforts.

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