Server Migration Checklist

Server migration checklists

Validation Checklist

  • Set the hosts file to locally load services
  • Check to see if all required services are functioning
  • Check your site for 404 errors, 500 errors, PHP warnings, etc.
  • Update all server software to the latest version
  • Tune LAMP performance (Apache, MySQL, PHP)
  • Test the cron
  • Check email deliverability and email records (DKIM, SPF, etc.)
  • Verify mail is synced (i.e. that all messages are there and all contacts have been migrated)
  • Check backups are still working

Security Checklist

  • Audit firewall configuration
  • Identify and implement non-standard security requirements
  • Restrict access where appropriate
  • Implement programs to educate staff
  • Ensure setup is compliant with all protocols

Configuration Checklist

  • Analyse configurations of both old and new hosting environments
  • Configure web server modules (i.e. suexec, mod_php, mod_perl, mod_ssl, etc.)
  • Identify shared libraries and other code/program dependencies
  • Set up SSL certificates
  • Create fresh (or import existing) configuration files
  • Import databases
  • Fine-tune server performance
  • Check and reconfigure applications that connect from remote sources

User Account Checklist

  • Migrate user accounts and passwords
  • Consider forcing password reset on next login
  • Purge old/inactive accounts

File System Checklist

  • Ensure all files copied over
  • Check that permissions are correct
  • Crawl website to identify 404 not found errors

Final Check Checklist

  • Were all of the issues addressed during migration?
  • Was the migration painless? If not, what went wrong?
  • Are you happy with your new server?
  • What else (if anything) needs doing?

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