Silver Lining

Recollecting memories is a good way to get team members to bond with each other. But not everyone on a team will have the same perspectives of a memory, especially if it’s a negative one. Pointing out the silver linings in a negative memory can help shift perspectives, improve morale and help people see things from their team members’ perspectives

Number of participants: 4-12 people, divided into teams of at least 2 people

Duration: 30-60 minutes

Objective: Reframe experiences and shift perspectives

How to play

1. Divide the participants into teams of two or more people who’ve had a shared work experience (such as working on a project together).

2. Ask Team Member A to share a negative experience they had working together with the rest of the group.

3. Team Member B then shares the same experience but focuses on the positive aspects of the experience, aka the “silver lining”.

4. Team Member B then shares his/her own negative experience, and Team Member A shares the positive aspects of it from his/her perspective.

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A “negative” experience is seldom exactly that. Often, it’s a matter of perspective. By sharing a negative experience, then reframing it in a positive light, you can shift perspectives. Sharing experiences also promotes team bonding and helps build deeper relationships.

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