In this building-focused game, teams have to create a copy of a pre-built structure based on a “sneak peak”. Teams will have to value teamwork, communication and problem solving to succeed.

Plus, it involves Legos. And who doesn’t love Legos?

Number of participants: 4-20 people divided into two teams.

Duration: 30 minutes

Objective: Focus on teamwork and communication

How to play

1. Use Lego pieces to create a structure – something that is complex yet possible to replicate. Make sure that you have enough remaining Lego pieces to make two similar copies of the structure. Also make sure that no one can see the structure (ideally, place it in a separate room).

2. Divide the players into two teams.

3. One player from each team can look at the structure for 10 seconds. After this, the player has to return to his/her team and instruct them on how to build the structure for 25 seconds.

4. Each team takes 1 minute to build the structure as per the instructions. After a minute, another player can take a “sneak peak” at the structure for 10 seconds and relay the instructions for 25 seconds.

5. This process continues until everyone in the team has had a chance to look at the structure.

6. The team that builds the structure first, wins.

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To be successful at this team building activity, teams have to communicate really well. Each player who looks at the structure has to relay instructions clearly to his teammates. Teams also have to have some standards for consistency in instructions for a successful build. Without a clear Strategy and sound communication, teams will struggle at this game.

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