Spectrum Mapping

Map the diversity of perspectives on a topic by organizing them into a spectrum. This can unearth innovative ideas and show the diversity of opinions within a team. It can also encourage people with unconventional views who otherwise won’t speak up to participate.

Number of participants: 5-15

Duration: 30-60 minutes

Objective: Express views and share diverse views

How to play

1. Start by identifying a few key topics on which you want insight and opinions from the participants.

2. Write down a topic in the center of a whiteboard. Then ask participants to write down their opinions and perspectives on the topic on sticky notes. Post these notes on either side of the topic along a horizontal line

3. Once everyone has chimed in, work with the group to arrange the notes as a “range” of ideas. Group similar ideas together to the left. Place outlying ideas to the right.

4. Continue doing this until you’ve arranged all ideas as a “spectrum” with most popular ideas to the extreme left, the least popular ideas on the extreme right.


Building a spectrum map tells you the diversity of your team’s views about a topic. If you choose a topic that’s relevant to your business, this little team building exercise can reveal an astonishing amount of unconventional thinking.

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