StringTokenizer class is available in

A. flush( ) B. java.util C. Unicode
D. clearbuffer( ) E. Graphics F. Java.lang
G. listener H. class variable I. JFrame
J. static K. Object L. Panel
M. Map N. instance variable O. Applets
P. Country Q. Locale R. Dynamic

4.1 Java uses ________ character set.
4.2 StringTokenizer class is available in ________ package.
4.3 A paint( ) method of an applet has a parameter of type ________.
4.4 In java, ________ class is the root of class hierarchy.
4.5 Static variable is also called ________.
4.6 Frame class is the immediate superclass of ________.
4.7 The ________ method helps in clearing the buffer.
4.8 Method overloading is an example of ________ method binding.
4.9 Multimedia applications can be designed in JAVA using ________.
4.10 ________ class of java.util package supports internationalization.

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