The number of sub-tree of a node is called its

A. Degree H. front=0, rear= n-1 O. n+1
B. n log n I. n P. Dangling pointer
C. 1 J. 2 Q. Maximum
D. n2 K. Call by reference R. Call by value
E. 3 L. Free space S. minimum
F. front= rear = 0 M. -1
G. level N. 2e

4.1 During initial creation of heap, root contains __________ element.
4.2 The number of sub-tree of a node is called its __________.
4.3 In hashing, collision and overflow occurs simultaneously when the bucket size is ______.
4.4 In a circular queue, initial condition given is __________.
4.5 If unsorted file contains n numbers line between 100–999, then the number of passes
required to sort the file using radix sort is ________.
4.6 Passing a structure to a function can be performed by _________.
4.7 Suppose in the following union definition
int a;
char b;
int requires 2 bytes and char requires 1 byte. Number of bytes allocated to item will be
4.8 If p is a pointer and if free(p) is executed, p will create ______.
4.9 For a connected, undirected graph G with n vertices and e edges, the sum of degrees of
vertices is ______.
4.10Empty queue is represented by the queue in which rear = _____.

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