The Top 5 Benefits Of Copper

The Top 5 Benefits Of Copper

I’m sure you’re familiar with the mineral copper, but did you know how important it is to living a healthy life? Copper plays an important role in several major processes of the body. In fact, without the proper amount of this vital element, our bodies wouldn’t last long. This is because it assists in the production of many different enzymes which support the body as a whole.

1) Arthritis

Copper is a natural anti-inflammatory. This means that it helps reduce the swelling and the pain associated with the long-lasting battle of arthritis by natural means rather than painkillers.

2) Hair and Eyes

Melanin, an important component of natural dark pigment, can only be produced when melanocytes and tyrosinase (formed from copper) bind. Basically, it helps hair, eyes, and skin stay healthy and youthful. It even helps to prevent grey hair.

3) Brain Stimulation

Food with high copper content is often referred to as “brain food”. It has a an important part to play in the brain because it helps certain proteins in the brain transport faster across membranes. In several studies, copper has been linked with higher creative thinking, demonstrating that copper allows neural pathways to develop in unique ways.

4) Slow Aging

Because copper is a powerful antioxident, it helps to greatly to slow the aging process. One of the primary causes of aging, free radicals, is combated quite effectively with the enzymes created by copper. This can help to prevent different types of macular degeneration, cancer, and kidney malfunctions.

5) Iron Uptake

Copper assists in the absorption of iron through the blood barrier in the intestinal track and the release of the release of the storage sites like the liver; this can help to guarantee healthy blood and oxygenated organs.

How to Take Copper

Copper can usually be absorbed through a proper diet…however, light supplementation can help in significant ways. By wearing copper bracelets or jewelry, the skin absorbs just enough copper to be beneficial to the body (supplements are can be overwhelming to the system). This method especially helps with arthritis to reduce pain. You can also take copper it by drinking water from a copper urn when waking, and if recommended by a doctor, oral supplementation.

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