Tips to Advertise Better on Twitter

Social media is no more a nascent term. From 18 to 80, everyone is on social media. Hence, there is no denying the fact that it is a great platform to generate leads, attract customers and market your brands.

If used in the right manner, social media marketing can be hugely beneficial. With the advanced targeting of audience, paid advertising, one can easily attract viewers without much difficulty. This includes those customers who could others wise seem a little difficult to reach.

By opting for social media, you are providing people the same great value as you would normally do for other platforms except for the fact that here the probability of reaching the right audience increases.

Here, we will discuss how we can plan successful advertising campaigns on different platforms of social media- Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The procedure, different types of ads, measuring the success rate, mastering the art of best copy and image for ad, target audience and the budget.

Twitter Ad Types

On Twitter, you have different options to choose from

  • Promoted Tweets
  • Followers (Promoted Account),
  • App installs or engagements, or
  • Video views

Before you start or plan the ad, be clear about the purpose of the ad. Is it to visit or post on a webpage? To increase brand awareness? To make people view your blog? Though the best is to go for promoted tweets as these are generally used by companies so that the customers visit a certain web page.

Promoted Tweet

It is a tweet designed like an ad which will appear in users’ timelines and search results but never on your twitter account or it can be a tweet which has been already by your account.

The former option can help in increasing the engagement on your Twitter handle. With the latter option, you can use a specialized tracking token on the URL and identify the number of website visits and leads from paid channels. Next is the style of the tweet. You can opt for standard tweet or twitter card.

Followers (Promoted Account)

When you choose the Followers (Promoted Account) option, a link will appear on the user’s timeline to promote your account. Use the 140 characters in the best possible way to make your account seem really good and worth following.

Apps or Videos

Other than this, one can use video views and app installs. The former is for getting views on a promoted video and latter for mobile advertising.

Setting up your Campaign

  1. Log in to
  2. On the top right corner of the page, click on the blue button “Create a Campaign”. 
  3.  Now, from the options, choose the type of campaign you want. For e.g. followers, promoted tweets etc.
  4. Just for your convenience, give a name to your campaign.
  5. Choose what would be the funding source for your campaign.
  6. Figure out the right time to run the campaign.
  7. It is up to you to decide, if you want to start immediately, continuously run it or maybe customize it.

How to target your desired audience?                 

Twitter advertising has an amazing feature according to which one can categorise it into different options like location, languages, gender, platforms and devices. For the long form of your landing page, just keep “desktop and laptop” options rather than mobile option. Think of devices that would make your audience take the action you want them to take. For normal site pages, where you are sure that it wouldn’t really be a huge difference, go for advertising on mobile.

How to target through keywords?

Targeting through keywords is basically using a keyword while having an interaction with a tweet which has that keyword, searching for the keyword or by using it in your tweets. While doing it, you have the choice of options like negative match, broad match and phrase match. Broad match is when you include the words in any order as well as any related terms; phrase match is when it is the exact phrase in the same order. Last but not the least; negative match does not use tweets which use the reverse of the keyword.

While framing the keywords, keep these questions in mind. Who should be your target audience? What could they search for? What could interest them? You can also use handles and hashtags. For event based marketing, use twitter hashtags and handles for people who are either interested or interact with certain handles. Just to make your experience a good one, twitter gives you references for similar words and the daily tweets that have each keyword.

How to target through followers?

Through this, you can target users following a similar account. Though you can also target your own followers. Keep the objective in your mind before deciding which boxes to check.

How to Target by Interests?

Based on their activity, one can categorise audience through their interests. For e.g music, gardening, design etc.

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