Tips to discipline your toddlers

Toddler years are the period when your child has no clue about the world but as much as he is growing up, he is learning bit by bit. This is the period when you have to discipline your child the most because this is what they will carry forward for the rest of their life. Let’s look at few tips which can help you discipline your toddler:

Doing Over

If your child ever disrespects anyone or do anything wrong, send him out of the place or ask him/her to repeat the same again. Let your child do it till he gets it right.

Zip the mouth

Children sometimes speak a lot which can be really difficult in future for them because they might end up with a habit of over-speaking. It’s good if you teach them to stay quiet for a while every day.


If you are wealthy enough to make his every wish come true then try to avoid it and only grant him the things that make sense.

Control your Anger

Try not to freak out or lose control in front of them because that will make them a short-tempered person as a grown up!

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