Tips to Improve Your Customer Return Policy

Four ways to make your return policy in such a manner which makes it more consumer-friendly and helps one build customer loyalty:

1. Make it easier for customers to find the return policies

A common issue faced by almost all the retailers is that what if they make merchandise return policies too prominent on their websites; it might encourage the customers to send the stuff back. On the other hand hiding return policies can be further frustrating for customers, this simultaneously ceates a lot as well more work for a company’s employees.

2. Increase the return time for the customers

Customers should be given extra time for more returns. Now, this could seem like a scary scenario but then as the time increases the returns start decreasing. Lot of companies have tried this policy and seen positive results. There is no exact reason but it can be termed as a psychological effect that makes customers relaxed and comfortable about their purchase.

3. Use simple english.

Technically speaking, the return policy is all about the legal terms of exchange. Though the truth is a as a customer you don’t want to see a 2-3 page document in front of you. Nobody wants to read so much and that too full of technical terms.

One of the solutions could be by giving an elaborate description of the return policy in the website’s terms and conditions section. Give them a concise step-by-step summary how they should handle a

return. This could include the below mentioned main points:

  • For how long will the returns be accepted?
  • How the company handles refunds in terms of credit card and product exchanges?
  • Who is actually responsible for paying the shipping costs?

4. Customer feedback.

You can send a thank-you note to your customers and that could also talk about future discounts after processing the return procedure. This could be a great chance to ask them about their experience and they could even share their views and suggestions. The questions can be regarding the entire returning procedure and policies, if they would recommend you or if they would like to buy again etc.

This will let the customers feel that the company values your comments and cares for you. Replying to their queries goes a great deal in creating a positive image in the mind of the customer. You also want to show customers you’re hearing their concerns and responding.  

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