Top 14 Business Apps to Improve Your Efficiency

Still struggling with hundreds of unread mails, irritating invoices, client meetings and other important stuff?  Gone are the days when work meant doing everything manually, but now things have changed. Thanks to the advent of technology, life is easier. Whether you are at the office, travelling or doing anything, you don’t have to worry about work. Send important documents, conduct meetings, manage business, talk to clients on the go etc. No need to worry, just use these apps to grow and run your business smoothly.

  • Evernote – Ideas can arrive without notice or appointment. Honestly speaking, it isn’t possible to carry a paper and pen everywhere. So, will you let go of that awesome idea? No…never. That is why you need the app Evernote. It is an app that makes sure users that you don’t have to remember each and everything. You can organize, share and store photos, voice notes and text. You can keep a tab of all your interesting and unique ideas.
  • Google Drive – Bulk papers and files are the biggest headache for most of the offices. Keeping a tab of everything manually is next to impossible. Though, with the new Google Drive app one can easily port and edit files from PC to tablet to smart phone. You can easily store any type of file through a virtual drive app. This app is hugely popular in most of the offices. Due to thefac6t that it lets you store files online, one can access it from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Bump – Remember the time, when one used to get thousands of visiting cards printed. At times, you might have no card or no time to get one printed. Thus gives a very bad impression in front of some client or higher authority. Forget the worries, use Bump which allows one to ditch those traditional and boring business cards in favor of the virtual ones. Just by bumping two smart phones together, you get all the information like files, photos, contact details etc.  
  • Expensify- With heaps of files and work overburdening you, it becomes so difficult to manage expenses. You can use it for almost all the virtual platforms. Start using, Expensify. It is an app which manages your business expenses effectively. It helps one submit expense reports, scan receipts and quickly share information like contact info, files, photos etc without any hassles.
  • Skype – Hectic schedules and busy lives do not permit us to be everywhere. If possible, we would have made our clowns. Though you do not have to miss the opportunity just because you couldn’t reach on time or be there. Now get in touch with your clients whenever you want to. With the use of Skype, one can easily connect with anyone through almost any device. Make presentations, discuss creative brief and make important changes in documents. The list is endless.
  • Square – With the Square register app, one can get a credit card reader dongle free. Next, you just have to plug it into a headphone jack on your iPhone and swipe the credit card to start with your payments. You can also fill in the credit card info manually. Square just takes a cut from each payment and you are all set to carry on your business because if your business doesn’t accept credit cards, that is going to be a lot of trouble for you.
  • YouSendIt – Now known as Hightail is the most efficient way to collaborate on creative projects. From client to team, everyone can easily access presentations, documents, video and much more from anywhere. It also helps you store files to shared folders and sign documents. Whatever changes occur, it gets updated instantly.
  • BuildFire – It is a great platform and allows anyone to create apps easily. You don’t have to be a coding expert to do it which is what makes it unique and interesting. Thereby not having to shell out a huge amount to hire digital designers. It is a boon for the small business or a start up where the budget is limited.
  • Showpad – This is a sales and marketing app which helps gather activity reports on the user’s content and provides business insights as well. You can make and access notes, allows annotation of documents.
  • Asana – Through this app one can easily run the entire business without much trouble. It is simple, easy to use and keeps a tab on the work as well as results. Be it projects, notifications, tasks and conversations etc; go through anything that you want. Best part it comes for free!!
  • Base CRM and Sales Tracking – It can be really confusing and difficult to use some tools. Though Base makes sure that you can keep a tab on all the conversations. With a single clip, one can track each and every lead, get leads from social networks. Start organising your mails, calls, tasks, and save all interactions at one place. One can customize the sales stages and even make your team mates share deals, notes along with the info of your contacts.
  • Splashtop – Forgot that important file on your desktop? Relax. Now access your desktop anywhere and anytime. It is the most secure, easy to use and fastest app to access your Windows or Mac computer through your Android phone or tablet. You can access your emails, documents, media library and applications etc.
  • MightyMeeting – It is an ideal business app, which helps one share as well as store their presentations. Just because you are not at a certain place doesn’t mean you cannot make presentations, distance should not be a hindrance at all. With this app, you can show the presentation straight to anyplace you want.
  • MailChimp – This app is all about providing online marketing solutions which would help send mails, track results and mange subscribers. With easy drag and drop feature, create campaigns that match your style. Through this you can send mails at the right time to the right person. No matter where you are, you can send files or campaigns, check reports and make some changes in the notes. 

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