Understanding and Selling Location-Based Marketing [Free Guide]

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In this comprehensive guide, we walk through many fa=
cets of location-based marketing, including a case study.
This is a DigitalAgencyP=
ro Update

Gain a Strong ROI From Your Geo-Targeted Ad Campaigns G=
et the Guide and Learn How


How to Improve Geotargeting=C2=A0


ed marketing isn=E2=80=99t new. Nearly 90% of marketers use location data i=
n campaigns. But effectively campaigning to location-based audiences remain=
s a challenge for retail brands and agencies alike.


Digital mark=
eters are faced with a myriad of tools, jargon, and technology, making what=
should be a straightforward process more complex than it needs to be.


In this white paper, Reveal Mobile unravels location-based marketin=
g, geofencing and geotargeting. We show you how to leverage audiences that =
are visiting physical locations you care about and how to get a positive RO=
I from your location-based advertising campaigns.


The white paper covers:

Location-based marketing terminology an=
d technology
Who provides location-based au=
diences and where to find them
How to understand and use loca=
tion-based audiences, analytics and attribution
A unique case study showing ho=
w to use location-based custom audiences in social media


wnload the White Paper

Reveal Mobile, Inc, 3344 Hillsborough St, Suite 200,=
Raleigh, NC 27607

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