Ways to Handle E-Commerce Returns

Remember the time when you had opened your first e-store? Everything seems so good, you receive orders from customers, clients are pouring in with great feedback and it’s all smooth and nice. And one fine day, you get that customer who isn’t happy. They want to send the product back. It isn’t like you never knew this but then it is still a little surprising and sad. Though there is nothing to be sad about. This is a part and parcel of selling online. No need to worry, we are sharing few tips to make it a little easier for you:

Your Website Should Have an Online Return Process

In your website include a complete return procedure for the return. This way, you will get notified about each and every return, the underlying reasons and to better plan everything in a better way. For e.g. , if you are selling jewellery, you will be notified regarding the wrong colour, size and fit. Hence this should definitely feature in your website.

Clearly State the Refund Policy

Do inform your clients and even the potential ones regarding the fact that you are ready to accept refunds. Make sure that the policy is easy to find, the points are clear and each process explained properly. Though you should always mention the situations where you won’t be able to provide a refund to avoid negative comments and reviews from customers.

Never Ask for a Return Fee

Returning makes neither the seller nor the customer happy. Hence if you make it payable that further irks the customer. This will eventually lead to decrease the current as well as potential customers. Making returns free assures people to buy without any worries.

Inform Your Customers about Free Returns

The next step being, giving info regarding this free return policy. It shows that you care about your clients and want them to have a happy experience. You can directly announce it on your website or maybe on different social media platforms. Once you start doing it, you will understand how amazingly it works.

Avoid arguments with customers who are returning items

It isn’t a pleasant situation when your product is returned by customers. It is an inevitable reality of selling products online. Meanwhile, there will be a lot of customers who won’t be eligible for a return or they might come up with really weird excuses. Try and convince them so that they do not return, but don’t argue. Even if you are right, this entire experience will stay in the customer’s mind and they might think twice before buying.

Keep customers informed about the status of the return process

Through the entire return process, keep informing the customers about every step. Be it receiving a new product, getting refund or having received the product; notify them about all these details. Or else the support team has to go through all those weird questions. Hence, keep your customers updated through an automated email system.

Take Feedback from Customers

One should always take the customer’s feedback. Ask them a few questions regarding the entire procedure or any suggestions etc. This will help you in understanding the psychic of the consumer. Don’t forget to thank them for their cooperation, which in turn creates a positive image.

We shared these few ways and hope that they might help you to smoothly run your business for a better level of satisfaction among customers.