[Webinar] How to Measure Product Marketing Impact

[Webinar] How to Measur=
e Product Marketing Impact


Learn how to measure the impact of product marketing including=
win rates, customer happiness, revenue, and more.

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MOTrends Update

Webinar: How to Measure Product Marketing

Product marketing is a diverse function that serves many =
stakeholders, so it’s no surprise that defining KPIs and measuring success =
are major challenges for product marketers everywhere.

Join CMO Ellie Mirman for a webin=
ar crash-course
where she explains how product marketers can def=
ine and report on key success metrics.

She’ll cover:

How the role of the product marketer is shifting
ow to define and then report on key product marketing metrics such as win r=
ates, customer happiness, revenue, and more
ow to implement these metrics today

Join Ellie on=C2=A0Thursday, August 15th at 1:00PM.


We hope to see you there!


Lauren Kersanske

Senior Marketing Manager, Crayon


268 Summer Street 5th Floor Boston MA 02210 USA

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