Welcome to The Prem Rawat Foundation’s Celebrating 20 Years Appeal !

Welcome to The Prem Rawat Foundation’s Celebrating 20 Years Appeal !
What fun it is to celebrate something like The Prem Rawat Foundation’s twenty years of amazing work—providing aid to people suffering from disasters, empowering people to discover their own inner resources, fostering hope! 
You can help ensure that TPRF can continue this work by donating toward the goal of raising $150,000 by December 31. Matching funds of up to $72,575 have already been pledged, doubling the impact of your donation.
Two videos will be offered this week! The first features my father, TPRF’s founder, Prem Rawat, who shared his vision for our work together at TPRF’s recent 20-Year Celebration Conference.
The second video features the Foundation’s work in providing essential aid to victims of natural disasters, lack of food, clean water, eye care, and more–including the relentless spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since 2005, TPRF has provided grants totaling more than $5,000,000 to help people in over 40 countries. 
I hope you enjoy seeing this work in action, watching the appreciation and gratitude in the faces of the recipients. Besides being very moving, it presents a vivid example of the power of Prem Rawat’s vision and the importance of your participation to make it happen.
Thanks for your help, however you offer it.
Daya Rawat
PresidentThe Prem Rawat Foundation
Help TPRF reach the goal by December 31!

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