What are some unknown facts about Ratan Tata?

My brother used to work for Croma as a Store Manager.

Croma Electronic Store is owned by Tata Group.

Ratan Tata was then the Chairman of Tata Group.

Being a Store Manager, he had to personally coordinate with his team when there were any electronics installations in High-Net Clients house.

He had been to many famous celebrities, politicians houses for installations of electronics.

He would later in the day tell me which famous person house he went that day and how was the experience.

Now he gets a message from the Area Manager that an LED TV installation was to be done at Mr. Ratan Tata’s House.

He went to his house which is located in Malabar Hill.

When they rang the bell, Mr. Ratan Tata himself opened the door.

He had a three-legged German Shepard who was present beside him.

He welcomed all three of them and showed the location of the TV.

Now we would expect a multimillionaire/billionaire to live life in a posh way having all luxuries.

Here was Mr. Tata wearing a normal simple Parsi shorts and Vest in his modest home.

The furniture there was old vintage style and the decor he said must’ve been the same for ages.

The biggest shock was, he owned one of the best electronics store chain in India and still had a Sony Box TV, which was around 30 years old minimum.

Now one would guess he must’ve got a 50 or 60 inch latest LED, nope, his choice was a normal 32 inch Sony Bravia LED.

My brother said he was one of the most humble persons he ever met.

He is a perfect example of simple living high thinking lifestyle.

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