What is Linked List

List of Program of C language

  1. WAP to ADD, Sum, MUL, Divide of two numbers X, Y?
  2. WAP to enter five nos. and print sum and average?
  3. WAP to enter Principle, Rate, Time and calculate Simple Interest?
  4. WAP to enter basic and calculate hra 2% of basic, da 3%of basic and find gross salary?
  5. WAP to exchange value of two Variables of Two Values X, Y?
  6. WAP to print prime or not prime numbers?
  7. WAP to print even or odd numbers?
  8. WAP to reverse numbers?
  9. WAP of factorial numbers?
  10. WAP of Fibonacci series?
  11. WAP fine the largest numbers in array?
  12. WAP sum of two matrix?
  13. WAP Mul of two Matrix?
  14. WAP print reverse order of array?
  15. WAP of array implementation of queue?
  16. WAP array of pointer?
  17. WAP array of structure?
  18. WAP of automatic storage class?
  19. WAP of Binary Search?
  20. WAP of Bubble sort, insertion sort and selection sort?
  21. WAP of Call by value and Call by reference?
  22. WAP of stack using array?
  23. WAP of stack using linked list?
  24. WAP of Merging of two  D array?
  25. WAP of Transpose of Two D Array?
  26. WAP of recursive function?
  27. WAP of Singly linked list in C with using structure?
  28. WAP of smallest and largest number in 2 D Array?
  29. WAP of Negative and positive number ?
  30. WAP to display largest of from three inputs?
  31. WAP of Looping statement
  32. For Loop
  33. While loop
  34. Do while loop

Using these loop make a program of even and odd number, prime and not prime numbers, negative and positive numbers etc.

  • WAP of loop control statement



(c ) exit(0)


Using these loop control statement write a program of prime or not prime numbers and even and odd number etc.

  • WAP of Linear Search?
  • WAP of Binary search?
  • WAP of insert,search and delete in Array?
  • WAP of string create a string count the words of string and reverse the string?
  • WAP search the string?
  • WAP matrix add calculating with 2 D Array
  • Row major ording
  • Coolum Major ordering
  • WAP of file handling with file oprations



(c )append


37. WAP enter two string copy one string to another string?

38. WAP to enter the string and count word and space in string?

39. WAP to convert decimal to binary number?

40. WAP to print their value in decreasing order?

41.WAP to enter string convert lower alpha to upper alpha?

42. WAP to sort the character in the string

Input-> COMPU


43. WAP to remove space from string?

44.WAP of Sparse Matrix?

45.WAP display name, roll, marks, t.makrs, sub, hindi, eng, sci, math  using string in array?

46.WAP display name, desi, contact etc. in string?

47. WAP to compare to string equal or not?

48. WAP find the sum of prime numbers 2-100?

49. WAP to enter two numbers and swap their values

50. WAP to the enter the user want at the end it should display the count the positive, negative and zero

51.WAP to digit wise reverse

52. WAP to digit wise multiply

53 WAP to digit wise reverse and add 5 with it.

54. WAP to print count digit numbers

55. WAF create a factorial of number with return argument

56. WAF of prime and not prime numbers

57 WAF of stack

58 WAF to enter the n number print their sum of total numbers

59 WAP of deep copying and shallow coping

60 WAP array of pointer

61.WAP to show the contents of pointer an array of pointer

62. WAP of pointer with pointer

63 WAP of two point p1 and p2

 Int  i=10,j=20; compare tow pointers

64. WAP to exchange two integer values using function in pointer

65. WAP to find the sum of all element stored in array

Int *p, sum=0, I;

Int A[3]={4,5,6}

66. WAP to return largest value in pointer

67.  WAP 2D Array elements using pointer?

68. WAP of structure pointer

69. WAP of Nested Structure

70. WAP of Singly linked through structure in C

71. WAP of Doubly linked list through structure in C

72. WAP of Circular linked list through structure in C

73. WAP of implementation stack using linked list in C

74. WAP to store even values in another link list

75. WAP of recursive to display the nodes of linked list

76. WAP of stack using array and linked list.

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