What is the process for a Police Clearance Certificate in India?

What is the process for a Police Clearance Certificate in India?

Take an appointment online

  1. Login/Register in this website
  2. There will be a link in the home page itself to apply for PCC.
  3. Select the country for which you need PCC. (One country per application)
  4. Fill in the details exactly as per passport.
  5. You can also opt for SMS service for additional Rs. 40. I would suggest you to choose it.
  6. Make payment. As on today, it is Rs. 500 for PCC application.
  7. Select the date and venue of appointment. Usually you get an appointment within 3 days in non-metros. In metros, it might be a week later.
  8. Take a print of the appointment confirmation and be ready.

Documents to be taken on the appointment day

  1. Original passport (must)
  2. Appointment receipt obtained in the previous step.
  3. Copy of first, last and the signature page (of RPO) of passport.
  4. Usually they don’t ask, but take a copy of invitation letter or job offer letter or university admission letter from your destination country.
  5. If your present address is different from that in passport, you need to take as many documents (original and copy) as possible from this list. Usually 1 or 2 documents would suffice but no harm in carrying more than 2.
  6. However if your present address is same as that in passport, ideally no document is required. But to be on safe side, carry 1 or 2 documents (like aadhar or voter ID) from the above list.

PS: No need to carry photograph as it will be taken by the PSK officers on your appointment day.

Will there be police verification (PV)?

I do not guarantee anything in this part since it’s solely up to the officers’ discretion. What I am saying is based on the information I got from the officer who issued my PCC.

If your first passport was issued in 2000 after proper PV and you apply PCC in 2006 from the same address as in passport, then you get the PCC on the same day of appointment without any PV.

If your first passport was issued in 2000 and you renewed it in 2010 with the same address, then applying PCC any time until 2013 will not have PV and you get the PCC on same day. However, if you apply for PCC after 2013, there will be a PV even if you have been staying in the same address since 2000. Basically, your first PV was done in 2000 and for 13 years there wont be any PV for taking PCC. But to get a PCC after 13 years, there needs to be a fresh police verification in your address.

If the address in your passport is different from your current address, police verification will be done.

In any case if there is a PV, it depends whether you have to wait for the police to come to your address or the PSK verifies your criminal records in your police station online. In the latter case, you get the PCC on the same day. Otherwise you have to wait a few days.

How can I check the status of the application?

Remember in the first step, I suggested to opt for SMS service to get updates. That is more than enough. In cases where the applicant has to wait for police to come down to the address for verification, I am not sure if SMS will send updates as I don’t have experience. In my case I got the PCC on same day. Nevertheless, SMS is one option. You can also login to your account and check the status.

Is there a way to expedite the process?

No. In case of passports, there is a tatkal scheme. But unfortunately it’s not there for PCC. However, nowadays in many cases, you get the PCC on same day. Hope for the best.

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