Which of these 15 retailers are favorites of US shoppers?

Which of these 15 retailers are favorites of US shoppers?

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Which Retailers Do Shoppers Love? (An=
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The Wiser Retail Benchmark: Re=

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Why do some retailers succ=
eed while others struggle? Which retailers make great partners for brands? =
What do shoppers look for in a brick-and-mortar retail experience?

The answers to these questions can make life a lot easier for brands and r=

Download Wiser=E2=80=99s Retail Benchmark=C2=A0to learn how=
15 major retailers stack up against each other in four core categories: pe=
ople, products, shopability, and consumer sentiment.

Inside, you=
=E2=80=99ll learn more about how shoppers view retailers such as Target, Me=
ijer, Costco, CVS, Dollar General, and others. This retail benchmark was cr=
eated using data from Wiser=E2=80=99s smartphone-enabled mystery shoppers, =
who answered questions related to:

Time to assistance
Checkout experience
Product variety
And more!

Download the report=C2=A0to stay ahead of the competition in the area=
s that matter most to brick-and-mortar shoppers.

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