Why do most people recommend Tata Nexon instead of other Maruti Suzuki cars or Hyundai cars?

tata naxon

TATA Nexon was Launched in 2017 and it didn’t went too good in sales. However, It’s sales and popularity increased when in the year 2018, The Global NCAP performed thr crash test of Nexon and it scored 5 star rating considering as the first made in India car which scored 5 stars. TATA had advertised this in several Newspapers, Advertisments beacuse of which many people came to know about it and ever since then The no. of people praising TATA’s Build Quality increased. Also, at that particular time, people were trolling Maruti’s Build Quality and calling as a ‘Tin Can Vehicle’. So, TATA did it’s marketing strategy at perfect time. After that 5 star build quality, Many Nexon Cars were sold and it’s sales figure increased. TATA Nexon changed the mindsets of people such as:-

  1. Safety is more Important than Mileage.
  2. An Indian Vehicle can be good and can give a better competition to the foreign companies.
  3. An Indian Company can make car which has best combination of premium exterior and interior, comfort, features and safety altogether without compromising on any of the above(such as Harrier, Altroz, 2020 Nexon etc) which other companies do this by compromising on one-two.
  4. TATA also Launched the 2020 Nexon EV which is the cheapest electric SUV in India. It can say that TATA has already planned it’s future about electric vehicles and it will keep on upgrading with time.

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